Trade Perpetual
Crypto Options

Trade options just like you trade perpetual futures. Powered by the perpetual option.

No Expirations

Perpetual options never expire. Keep your positions open for as long as you want.

Hourly Funding

Sell perpetual options and earn up to 0.5% in funding per hour. Best way to earn passive yield.


100% censorship-resistant and permissionless. No counterparty risk.

Why Everstrike?

There are many options protocols in DeFi. What sets Everstrike apart?

Built for active traders

Are you a scalper or a daytrader? Here's why you'll love Everstrike.

10+ Order Types

Choose between post-only orders, hidden orders, reduce-only orders and a wide range of other special order types.

Zero Maker Fees

Provide liquidity to the order book and avoid paying trading fees.

Blitz Mode

Submit and cancel orders with a single click. The orderbook is built like a DOM.

Automatic SL/TP

Automatically add stop losses and take profits to your positions, based on your own custom risk configuration.